01. Exhaust Manifold Kit, Both Sides

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DeLorean Industries Exhaust Manifold Gasket kit. Engineered with superior modern day gasket materials and stainless installation components. Designed to service a factory exhaust system with manifolds, cross over tube, converter and factory muffler. 

What's in the Box?

(2) 100928 Exhaust Manifold-Crossover Pipe Gasket

(12) 102167 Exhaust Manifold-Cylinder Head Stud

(4) 102259 Exhaust Manifold-Crossover Pipe Stud

(2) 102263 Exhaust Manifold Gasket (3)

(12) 102265 Thick Washer

(12) 102441 Nut

(8) SP10170 M10 Nut Serrated 

(8) SP10262 Flat Washer

(1) Cross over pipe to converter gasket 

All parts also available separately by using the above component prefix. 

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