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DeLorean Industries works to provide the best selection of premium new manufactured factory specification parts and innovative products possible. Our goal is to completely eliminate the need for the use of any problematic NOS (new old stock) factory components that have plagued the DMC-12 since the beginning. By working to provide these solutions we have exponentially increased the drivability, performance and reliability while maintaining the uniqueness of this timeless design. 

How Our Parts Prefix/Suffix system Works:

Genuine DeLorean Industries components utilize a hybrid million part number. This is created in most cases by taking the original six digit prefix and adding the factory category three digit prefix to the beginning.  Example: 530101042 Adjustable Rear Control Arms. Parts manual section 530 + Factory number of 101042

Kit items utilize a description using abbreviated words or a "K" prefix. Example: CONTROLARMBASE or KXXXXXXXXX

New Old Stock (NOS) components maintain their factory assigned numbers. This clearly dictates that the part is an original factory piece. Example: 101042. This would be a factory rear lower suspension link. Their brand is listed as "Factory Original". 

Refurbished components use the factory number with an "R" following. Example: 101042R

Used components use the factory number with a "U" following. Example: 101042U

 There is only one place to get DeLorean Industries products in The United States, and that is directly from us. This allows us to track our products use, notify owners of updates, and in extreme circumstances warranty out a failed component.

Currently we offer our products through a select number of international partners who we feel match our exacting standards. For more information on where to buy internationally, contact us directly.