Our Offerings

The DeLorean Industries Factory Service and Reimagined Division located in Akron, Ohio offers a wide spectrum of uncompromising classical preservation, restoration, general service, component restoration, and Reimagined (restomod) services to all clients with existing original 1981-83 DeLorean DMC-12 automobiles. This includes models previously restored via other efforts over the forty years since the vehicles initially left the factory. Our goal is to keep your classic example running as good as new while implementing crucial safety updates to introduce the highest level of reliability possible. We make use of our extensive inventory of NOS (new old stock) parts to maintain the timeless nostalgic appearance of the car's cosmetic attributes, while introducing our innovative production components into all key mechanical systems resulting in unrivaled reliability.

Our in house manufacturing capacity covers a wide range of processes resulting in over 3000 unique components manufactured exclusively for the car. We utilize both modern tools and techniques developed through our comprehensive iterative process along with period correct methods creating the most dynamic and state of the art processes available for the vehicle platform. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable owners have come to embrace our radical transparency on manufacturing premium components and service offerings creating a clear differentiation between our business model and the planned obsolescence methods of those in the past. This is why the implementation of our unique process results in nothing short of maintaining the essence of the car while bringing performance, build quality and reliability to a level beyond when new.

Extreme radical transparency resulting in nothing left to chance.

After all, the proper implementation of classical restoration with innovation is not something we take lightly.

Clearly understanding the end goal for our clients is key. We, at DeLorean Industries work tirelessly to ensure that we are completing all services to meet strict safety standards while efficiently collaborating to reach our clients vision for the car. We think on a granular level and take the most basic of tasks seriously. Being meticulous isn't optional but a way of life. The end result although never changes from the uncompromising desire to maintain a clients classic car – not for just the immediate future but long term.