Method Dynamics

 DeLorean Industries’ longstanding innovative edge is due entirely to the efforts of its “Methodical Advanced Development Programs” division. Between 2019-2022, vertical integration streamlined processes across the company and allowed for rapid in-house testing and prototyping. A requirement to no longer rely on outside sources and timelines depicted by others resulted in a need for an internal development effort headed by its own dedicated engineering team. At first, this was overseen in conjunction with ongoing restoration and manufacturing efforts but quickly became an issue as this hindered the creativity and unique process control required to succeed. A total disruptive innovation “Skunk Works” mentality was embraced, and the decision was made to remove the aspect of being a heavily controlled division, giving the team total autonomy from the core companies’ direct input in their separate dedicated facility. The formal result is Methodical Advanced Development Programs (Method Dynamics for short), a total design, engineering, and manufacturing process solution provider independent and free to proceed in any direction deemed worthy of exploration.