Island Twin Turbo Delete Kit

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Island twin turbo system delete kit. Required components to put a car back to naturally aspirated. 


X1 SPECIEXH-GEN3 Specification One (Spec 1) exhaust system complete 

X1 102279  49. Intake W pipe 

X1 K111171 Intake O ring kit 

X1 ignition distributor recurve procedure (your unit sent in and corrected)

X2 Oil return line block fitting plug

X1 Oil sending unit 

X1 K102426 SPEC alternator install kit 

X1 108675S 16. Silicone water hose left 

X1 108676S 9. Silicone water hose right 

X1 110131 18. water pipe rear left 

X1 108678 5. water pipe rear right 

X1 108679 1. Hose heater tank to right rear pipe

X1 Coolant hose clamp kit (engine compartment) 

X1 VACLINECOM Vacuum line kit engine compartment 


This product is made to order. Current lead time 3 weeks from purchase. 


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