Spec 3 Twin Turbo With Full Stainless Chassis Legend Series

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The DeLorean DMC 12 is by far one of the greatest engineered cars of it's time. The blend of state of the art manufacturing and cutting edge design allows for one of the most impressive chassis to improve upon with modern innovation. Unfortunately the car never matured through further development and all outside design firms failed to improve the chassis. Where Legend Industries failed through compromise and lack of funding DeLorean Industries has succeeded in producing an engine/chassis package worth of the DeLoreans timeless design. 



Delorean Industries Legend Series Twin Turbo upgrade. Engineered and developed by DPI utilizing state of the art components ensuring great performance and lasting durability. Upgrade includes complete turbocharger engine upgrade with optional intercooler/aftercooler set up, complete engine with forged internals, engine management and all other components required for installation.