30. Deflector Retaining Strip Stainless (Pair)

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Delorean Industries deflector retaining strip (pair) manufactured from stainless. Manufactured and used by DeLorean Industries. Ensuring the highest quality and fitment possible.

Improved parts to replace SP10250 retaining studs which secure the lower air deflector plates to the GRP body. Planned update during production that never hit assembly line before the factory closed. This was first implemented by DeLorean One as a solution for the spinning stud points independent of each other. We revised our offering with the following updates:

 __ Increased gauge thickness 

__ High tolerance PEM studs. (no bracket welding that leads to warping and fitment issues) 

__ Oversized washers to assist with installing on damaged trailing arm shields. 

__ All Stainless steel construction. 

What's In The Box? 

__ X2  851111230 Deflector Plate Retaining Strip Stainless 

__ X6 851SP10263 Washer M6 Stainless Oversized

__ X4 851SP10292 Rivet 

__ X6 851SP10030