Delorean Industries- The Stainless Luggage Rack

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DeLorean Industries, The Stainless Luggage Rack System. Ergonomics meets the definitive lifestyle brand of the iconic DMC-12. Never before has unmatched styling, comfort and luxury intersected in such a way. Experience the next level of DeLorean ownership with the best in class luggage rack system designed explicitly for the DeLorean by the one true DeLorean.  Pre orders, available right now. When will they ship? As soon as they are done. Enjoy all stainless steel construction augmented by a proprietary quick release system resulting in quick access to the engine compartment for those running stock fuel lines. Prorated 13 line braided injection kits available to clients purchasing DeLorean Industries, The Stainless Luggage Rack System. Note: picture to be updated as soon as we actually design the thing, but it's coming. This isn't a binnacle, so it's not impossible. 


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