Axle Shaft Kit (Refurbished)

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Delorean Performance Industries refurbished axle shaft kit. Full tear down and rebuild with all external components powder coated. New boots installed with high temp axle shaft grease and stainless band clamps. Contact DeLorean Industries prior to purchasing.

 What's Included:

X2 Axle shaft assemblies (AXLESHAFTRB)

x1 Axle flange kit stainless (axleflangekit)

 x24 10mm stainless locking washer (SP10036)
 x24 m10 x60 bolt cad plated steel 10.9 (SP10013)

 x12 stainless axle flange locking tab (100919)

Core Charges- A certain number of components on the DMC-12 are currently unavailable. A core charge on the particular items we sell restored helps to facilitate the return of the components for restoration. Core charge amounts vary depending on market accessibility to items in case of not being returned or not suitable for restoration. Also due to the age and number of owners of certain cars items have been replaced with non-core material items. This usually occurs with brake calipers, warm-up regulators, fuel distributors and other interchangeable components. A core refund will not be issued for incorrect core items. On all items that carry a core charge we encourage owners to check the overall condition of the component, that it is the correct part number and insurance on the returning package for at least the core charge amount. Core charge credit can be issued in the form of a store voucher coupon or company check. Please note that on orders in the state of Ohio a sales tax rate currently of 6.75% is applied to the core amount. Sales tax collected on core items is not refunded. To receive full credit, all cores must be returned within 30 days of order received. Charge prorated after 30 days. No core returns accepted after 60 days of invoice date. 

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