5. Radiator Aluminum With Mounts

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Delorean Industries Radiator assembly. The only radiator made in the United States. Hand crafted by DeLorean Industries at our facility in Akron Ohio. 

 D-TECH Knowledge Base Article: 

DeLorean’s initially came equipped with a multi-core, brass core assembly, and plastic end tanks manufactured by an OEM supplier in Belgium. While the unit exhibits nominal efficiency characteristics, durability was questionable due to the plastic end tanks. After many heat cycle service intervals, the plastic end tanks become brittle and are prone to cracking and failure during hose replacement.

  A more common issue is a direct in-use failure where the end tank crimp seam fails from the brass body of the radiator. The manufacturing process required a sealing surface between the core and the plastic end tank via a compressed-formed perforated metal finger design. While many of these original radiators are still found in place today, failure is a foregone conclusion due to the design limitations of the time.

 A common mistake is to assume the leak is coming from the cap on the assembly’s passenger side. While this can be the issue, it is more common for a seam failure along the tank mate surface. Removal of the cap typically results in a failure of the brittle material.

 DeLorean Industries has designed an aluminum replacement, engineered a manufacturing process for consistent production, produced in-house, and rigorously tested for reliability all in the United States. The radiator utilizes the same mounting configuration as the stock unit. Still, it allows for additional adjustment for crumple zone inconsistencies by using our proprietary stainless lower mounting brackets as an add-on. The leak-prone upper radiator cap has been removed from the design, as it is impossible to use when installed. The unit is precisely manufactured in fixtures and requires no modifications to install factory fans or our uprated low amperage high flow configurations.

 For ease of ordering our aluminum radiator system, a convenient drop-down menu with common add-on items is integrated into the product page. This ranges from hardware, hoses, fans, mounting brackets, and other associated items often needed during the replacement.Also, at this time, it is optimal to update the front rock screen assembly from the old mild steel-rusted factory versions. Our full stainless rock screen kit compliments a hidden radiator upgrade with a visible cosmetic result. 

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