23. Fuel Feed Line (Stainless) W/ Stainless Banjo Bolts

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Delorean Industries fuel feed line stainless steel. Manufactured and used by DI. Ensuring the highest quality and fitment possible. DI line kits are the only direct fit replacements available on the market today. Not only using the highest quality components possible (USA sourced materials) but pressure testing per DOT specifications as well. Hand crimped lines are identifiable by looking at the hose hose end at the banjo fitting. The crimp can be identified by having two uneven tabs sticking off 180 degrees apart. If your vehicle is equipped with factory plastic lines or this home made style replacement should be considered immediately. Braided lines with stock banjo fittings reused are prone to failure. Vendors asking for a core on the stock banjo fittings typically reuse the ends to cut costs. DI line kits use 100% new components ensuring no issues with installation or performance. Our banjo fittings also offer complete orientation giving the installer the ability to "tuck" the lines for a perfect cosmetic install.

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