Delorean Industries Update

Delorean Industries Update

Posted by Delorean Industries on 14th Nov 2022

Dear Owners,

We here at Delorean Industries have spent the last two and a half years carefully planning our manufacturing strategy with an eye on the future. Prices on commodities have exponentially increased, as you have no doubt seen across the board. In a calculated effort to keep your DeLorean on the road and maintain much-needed attention on the REAL DeLorean car, we are committed to continuing with steps to keep our prices at current levels or lowering them wherever possible. This is thanks to a massive vertical integration effort at our company and subdivisions.

A granular approach to better understand our efforts will assist with our message aligned with creating marketplace stability. Below is an overview of services and manufacturing vertically integrated into our actions.

2020- Present

  • CNC Machining (Turning, Milling, we now produce every machined component offered in-house)
  • Composites (Fiberglass repair, production of features such as headliners and fascia’s)
  • Exhaust Systems (headers, turbo system components, mufflers, lead pipes)
  • Electrical Harnesses (complete manufacturing of all wiring harnesses)
  • Paint (automotive show quality grade finishing services for GRP tub, fascia, fiberglass components)
  • Fluid Handling (DOT brake lines, fuel lines, transmission lines, etc.)
  • Cylinder Liner Finishing (fine hone work on our proprietary ductile iron PRV liners)
  • Cylinder Head Porting (performed on our dedicated five-axis CNC)
  • Fully Integrated Engineering -- (A Scrum-based engineering firm operating in unison with DI/DPI )
  • 3D Scanning -- (Total control over creating no longer available factory-specific components ranging from engine blocks to binnacles)
  • LS/Coyote Swap – (Dynamic engine swap packages and unrivaled industry support)
  • Powder Coating -- (Full coating line to provide support for the refurbishment of factory-grade components)
  • Metal Finishing – (Media blasting, vapor blasting, passivation, and surface finishing.)
  • K Jetronic – (Rebuilding and testing of Bosch Fuel distributors and Warm-up regulators.)
  • On-site Storage – (Increased on-site fully climate-controlled storage. Capacity now exceeds 120 vehicles)
  • Interior Trimming – (Full-service artisan grade interior trimming services)
  • Gasket Manufacturing – ( All engine cover gaskets, transmission pan gaskets.)

2023 Upcoming Integration Schedule

  • Showroom – (Full display of our product offerings with an immersive experience to better understand our implementation of modern techniques and products.)
  • Vehicle Display – (Dedicated fully climate-controlled showroom always featuring 20+ cars available)
  • CNC Press Brake -- (manufacture of all sheet metal components including chassis)
  • Laser Cutting -- (a total shift to raw material processing without additional external steps implementing a straight-from-the-mill approach)
  • Transportation – (Site-to-site enclosed transportation nationwide, including Canada/Quebec. Dedicated pick-up locations in Orlando, Southern California, Chicago, Washington, and Texas)
  • Chassis Dyno – (With our current long-standing contract expiring, we have opted to bring dyno tuning in-house entirely)

While we cannot control all variables, we can hold many. From our best-in-class stainless steel chassis, roof boxes, and performance products, if it carries the “Genuine DeLorean Industries” branding, we are working tirelessly to maintain the current price point or lower it wherever possible. On premium brands, we carry such as Bosch for example. We will continue to work towards being as competitive as possible through large inventory investments. This results in a long-term price point that is sustained for the duration of the inventory without effect from outside influences.

As always, we encourage feedback from you. I am personally available to discuss the above outline or any other topics relating to our continuing efforts directly at If you know of owners who are unaware of our services and offerings, please forward this accordingly. We are here for you, and we are well aware we’re all in this together. Keep on driving and see you in the future. Sincerely, Joshua Bengston CEO/Creative Director DeLorean Industries CEO DeLorean Performance Industries