DeLorean Industries- Origins of "The process is the showroom"

24th Mar 2019

DeLorean Industries- "The process is the showroom"

Recently we met with an owner interested in applying for a build commission. This process always starts with an in-person meeting to discuss the goals and expectations of a potential build. More so than anything the meeting is to make sure that a good fit is present. The rigorous build process requires a sense of dedication and patience as new components are constantly designed and integrated into the commissions in progress. It is absolutely crucial to be on the same page regarding this as build times vary based on this and many other factors. While owners can apply for a "locked" build consisting of only products developed to the point of application, most decide on the perpetual innovation process.

In this particular meeting, the owner expressed at one time visiting another facility containing a showroom. He casually asked why we did not follow suit with the trend of displaying components in such a manner. I paused for a moment not so much due to being taken back but to ask myself the question as well. I concluded decisively that the explanation was simple. As I took a broad glance around the final assembly area where we stood I simply stated, "The process is the showroom." He smiled and asked, "When can we get started?"