VIN 1510

1981 DeLorean DMC-12 VIN 001510 

Five speed, Black Interior Gas Flap Hood 

On Consignment at DeLorean Industries (330) 573-4129


Available on consignment from DeLorean Industries. 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 five speed, black interior gas flap car. Initially re-manfactured to the current owners specifications in the early 2000's and meticulously serviced by DeLorean Industries since. Highlights from most recent yearly service work at our facility includes:


__ SPEC coil over suspension system complete

__ New tires and machine finished rims

__ Adjustable rear camber links

__ Front wheel bearings

__ Complete braided fuel injection line kit with injector service

__ Complete SPEC engine tune up package

__ Rocker cover gaskets replaced/ complete valve adjustment

__ Comprehensive intake valve cleaning treatment

__ Premium water pump kit with all hoses and clamps

__ Complete cooling system service replacing all hose sections in silicone with stainless clamps

__ Cooling system self bleeder system

__ Aluminum radiator with high flow low amperage cooling fans

__ Engine block flush

__ Complete alternator system update

__ Complete VOD service

__ Engine mounts

__ SPEC stainless fuel tank closing plate and hardware

__ SPEC ground system update

__ Clutch hydraulics updated

__ Complete SPEC Air conditioning system update to R 134A

__ SPEC relay compartment update

__ Engine CO adjustment and Bosch oxygen sensor

__ Idle motor update

Extensive documentation of all work performed and photos available upon request.