11. Integrated Injector Seal Retainer System

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DeLorean Industries integrated injector seal retainer system. Updates failure prone seal and clip configuration to an all in one injector seal/mounting tab system. Complete kit with retainer assemblies and lower mounting brackets. Sold as a set of six. 



PART # 102631-M

Congratulations on purchasing a DeLorean Industries Integrated Injector Seal Retainer System. This system replaces the high failure rate rubber components at the injector bung mating point and sub-optimal clip retainers. The premium kit is supplied with sealing o rings designed to be in direct contact with fuel and is compatible with blended fuels, also known as “ethanol.”

Read the instructions in their entirety before attempting this process. If anything is left to question, contact us directly via email. We do not offer phone tech support as we find it crucial to have a written reference for you to use.

Gasoline is hazardous. Remove all other flammables from around the work area. Don't smoke or use an open flame. If your garage is heated, remember that gasoline fumes hug the floor. Failure to adhere to the above will result in serious life-changing injuries and, most likely, death.


X6 Integrated Injector upper housing billet with O rings/set screw installed Installed)

X6 Lower integrated Injector retaining bracket.

X12 Socket head mounting bolt stainless.


1. Disconnect the battery (wrap the positive terminal to prevent contact) 

2. If your car is still equipped with factory fuel lines, we highly recommend not completing the following installation without first updating all 13 engine compartment lines to our braided system part number
K102318A. Available here: https://deloreanindustries.com/delorean-braided-stainless-fuel-injection-line-set/

3. Remove factory injector clips and pull injectors from cylinder head mounting bungs. The factory retainer clip is best removed utilizing a 90-degree pick and popping two out of the three tabs upwards to dislodge from the bung.

4. Remove the 8 mm banjo bolts securing the injectors to the braided fuel line (if already installed). If factory lines are still present, go through the installation procedure for the braided line kit first.

5. With the injectors removed, discard the factory clip assembly. Using a razor blade, slice the factory seal the length of the injector to break away from the injector body. The seal will most likely be stuck to the injector and require some effort to remove. Once removed, clean all carbon buildup from the injector body. It is highly recommended to replace factory injectors outright. The integrated injector seal and retainer assembly will not function properly if the outer body of the injector is not clean and free of imperfections.

6. Assembly of the injector assembly retaining system requires lubrication of surfaces before installation. A light coat of WD 40 on the injector body is recommended to assist with installation in the retainer bore. Two matching Viton o rings are already installed internally. The exterior lower Viton sealing ring is also installed along with the upper main bung Viton square seal. With the injector fully seated in the retainer bore, use 1.5mm Allen wrench to tighten the locking retainer. This set screw seats into the factory recess on the injector body. If the injector is not fully seated, it will not function properly.

7. Install the above assemblies into cylinder head injector bung supports. Once the assembly is fully seated, check around the leading edge of the bung. Verify that the square cut  Viton o ring is fully placed into the bore. There should be no visible protrusion on this sealing surface. Install lower retainer U clip assembly with supplied stainless hardware using a 5/32 Allen key tool. Do not over-tighten the retaining fasteners. Go side to side, working the retainer up to the bung matting surface.

8. Install the 8MM banjo bolt onto the fuel Injector inlet port. Always use new crush washers during this procedure as they are one-time use.  We recommend following the factory service manual specifications for banjo bolt torque. Failure to perform this step properly will result in a fuel leak.

9. With all injector lines properly torqued, reconnect the battery and jumper RPM relay to energize fuel pump. Check all fuel line connection points for leaks before starting the vehicle.

NOTE: Additional pictures of the product assembly are available on our website under the product description.



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    Great way to seal the Injectors

    Posted by Clint on 25th Nov 2022

    For many years I've always struggled with getting all of my fuel injectors to seal perfectly to the head, with vacuum leaks that are inconsistent the car will never run right. But with these new well-made parts, the injectors are airtight like they should be. Car is running a lot more consistent now with these products. Definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Vacuum Leaks No More

    Posted by Michael Rogers on 6th Jul 2022

    An absolute MUST for anyone still running the OE seal setup. I purchased these to seal enormous vacuum leaks created by my not-so-old seals and clips. Pretty sure I was getting more CFM by those seals than I was through the intake judging from the smoke test. These seal on the inside AND the outside of the tube insert for an air tight fit and securely lock the injector in place - something the OE seals and clips simply can’t do by design. An absolute MUST for every DeLorean out there.

  • 5
    Injector seal kit

    Posted by Len on 28th Jun 2022

    These are a no brainer for any Delorean owner. The stock clips are a joke and can pop off easily leaving you stranded. High quality and simple to install.

  • 5

    Posted by Stephen Rice on 4th May 2022

    Before I ordered these retainers, my life was miserable and incomplete. Thanks to this kit, I can honestly say that I still live a meaningless life but more importantly, I’m not as scared of my Delorean catching fire. I might still die in my Delorean but it won’t be due to engine fire from a loose fuel injector. My car runs!

  • 5
    Nice retainer system

    Posted by David C on 15th Feb 2022

    My old injectors were primarily retained by gum and varnish with a little help from seals and clips. After experiencing the injectors popping out, I installed these retainers. They are precision machined, look great, and positively retain the injectors.

  • 5
    Fuel injector seal clips

    Posted by Jason Keohane on 11th Dec 2021

    These new "clips" (id call them more like clamps) are vastly superior to the original rubber support and metal clip setup. These have multiple Vinton o ring seals and are machined to an exact fit. They hold the injectors in perfectly. I am so glad I got these and never have to worry about an injector popping out of place again!

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