In 2015, we took the step within the industry to expand locations within the United States. This was mainly due to creating a superior working solution to the franchise model present within other efforts. The distinct difference was maintaining it as a satellite directly supported by our innovation. After two years, we consolidated our core efforts at our main facility in Akron, Ohio. Shortly afterward, the franchise model began to collapse with a cascade effect. We revisited our previous attempts to contour to a changing marketplace. The key factors were the complexity of implementing our product offerings properly along with logistics. The next step was to reach out to known independent shops that we supplied exclusively but also focused their time on other vehicle brands. Through this, we developed a satellite service program in the contiguous US and expanded globally.

We now offer dedicated on-site service solutions in the following areas.

United States:

Phoenix, Arizona

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Kissimmee, Florida

Staten Island, New York

Naperville, Illinois

San Jose, California

Los Angeles, California

Denver, Colorado

Portland, Oregon

Las Vegas, Nevada 


Tokyo, Japan

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The process follows the same basic principles that drive our main facility. An initial consultation works through the scope of the client’s requested services. We then decide if these tasks can be handled remotely by one of our technicians who have completed a comprehensive four-year apprenticeship and our Advanced Restoration Training. Depending on the complexity, parts ranging from essential maintenance to complete stainless rolling frames are prepared at our main facility and sent ahead of time. Once staging is complete and our team is on-site, we coordinate the delivery of the car and completion.

Satellite service was first active from 2017-2019 before the global shutdown. We are beginning to accept requests for satellite services with slots starting in June of 2023.