60. Front End Recall Kit Performance W/ Bullitt Proof Upper Ball Joints

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(2) 108998 Clamp, Stab bar

(1) 111140 Brkt, Strengthen RH

(1) 111141 Brkt, Strengthen LH

(4) 111204 Bolt, Stab bar clamp

(4) SP10036 washer M10 


(2) 111205 Spacer, Stab bar clamp

(2) SP10050 Nut M12

(2) 109271 Bullitt Proof upper ball joint 




PART #109271


While the DeLorean was subjected to very few recalls by comparison during it's short production run, one stands out as extremely crucial. The factory devised front end recall kit was extremely necessary, although just a band-aid measure for rushed production and engineering shortcomings.


The solution was to add reinforcement brackets to the front crumple zone sway bar mounting area to aid with structural stresses under load. This portion while not the perfect solution does provide the added safety required. The next step unfortunately created more issues through improper implementation and factory inconsistencies in front spindle taper depth during the manufacturing process. The final step of the recall was to drill and pin the lower/upper joints at the threads for a castle nut and pin configuration. This exponentially reduces the load capabilities of the upper joint that in most cases already suffers from a shallow seat condition on the tapper. The end result over continued use results in excessive wear at the base contact point of the taper. As use continues the hardened shaft on the upper joint wears the softer cast material in the spindle bore creating a false loose condition.

Coupled with the now weakened shaft due to the pinhole installation during the recall procedure, this becomes a high probability point of shear failure on the joint shaft.


The solution to this issue requires the inspection of the bore cavity that the upper joint seats into. At the base, the leading edge of seat taper should be clearly visible. If the seat does not properly protrude to the underside face of the bore, the taper was shallow from a manufacturing error.


The updated ball joint assembly manufactured by DeLorean Industries offers a larger shaft configuration to reduce the opportunity for failure while resisting a higher sheer force condition during hard input camber positions under hard braking and cornering. The shaft is secured with a wide base Nyloc M12 nut removing the need for weakening cotter pin hole and castle nut also prone to cracking.


Upon inspection, if the bore taper shows the above issue and the spindle has not worn in from the hardened shaft contact, increasing the pilot bore will be required at the base of the taper.




Time required: 10 minutes total both sides

Difficulty level: Easy


  1. With upper ball joint disconnected and wishbone arm swung upwards title spindle outwards.

  2. Drill bottle 1 – 2mm of the bore with a 12mm drill bit. This is available at deloreanindustries.com part number T0012

3. Install updated “Bullitt proof” ball joint assembly per normal service procedures.



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