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DeLorean Industries complete Electronic Fuel Injection system. Includes required components to bring a DeLorean into the 21st century. 


The DeLorean Industries Electronic Fuel Injection system includes all of the essential components that a performance tuner shop would need to assembly and tune a OEM specification fuel injection system. A tuner kit provides the flexibility of choosing multiple paths for future upgrades over time or all at once. Professional installation and custom dyno tuning is highly recommended for proper operation. Base ECU and fuel calibration settings are provided by professional assistance is recommended for best results. DeLorean Industries does not offer technical support to individuals who attempt to install this system apart from the detailed step by step guide and overview instructions provided by our ECU manufacture. We do work directly with shops capable of chassis dyno work with a proven reputation within the automotive community. We highly recommend providing shop information prior to choosing an installer for us to perform an in depth vetting process prior to attempting this. On the current system offering (Gen 4) only the front timing cover requires a clearance provision for the crankshaft trigger wheel system. All prior generation modifications for sensors etc has been incorporated into the throttle body unit. 

 Not CARB CertifiedThis injection system update while far superior to factory mechanical injection and exceeding emissions standards on all fronts is not CARB certified at this time, therefore it is not legal for use in California or other states adopting California emission standards. Not legal for use on pollution controlled motor vehicles; intended for off road use only. For owners falling into this category, we recommend having installation performed outside of the above state (s).  

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