1. Cooling Hose Kit Complete Silicone

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Delorean Industries Silicone hose kit complete. The only silicone hose kit featuring all hoses in silicone. Manufactured in the United States of America. 


Product Installation Time & What's in the box

X1 100502 Hose, Reservoir overflow Silicone Silicone

X1 100502 Hose, Front radiator bleed port to hard line Silicone

X8 100506 Hose, Coolant Coupling section straight Silicone (Cut to various required lengths)

X2 101754 Hose, Heater bleeder/valve inlet section Silicone

X1 101757  9.Hose, Heater control valve to frame hard line connection Silicone

X1 102482 6. Water pipe updated configuration with hose sections Silicone

X1 101760 Bleed Hose Silicone (T connection to header bottle)

X1 102149 8. Hose, Water pump Y pipe return connection Silicone

X2 102153 16. Water pump upper hose Silicone 

X1 105994 43. Hose, Coolant pipe stepped transition lower Silicone 

X1 106821 43. Hose, Coolant pipe stepped transition upper Silicone

X1 108612 18.Hose, Heater Silicone

X1 108613 19. Hose, Heater Silicone

X1 108675 Hose - Water Pump LH Silicone

X1 108676 Hose - Water Pump RH Silicone

X1 108679 Connector, Reservoir Tank Silicone

X5 SP10348 Clamp, Hose

X14 SP10349 Clamp, Hose

X28 SP10352 Clamp, Hose

X4 SP10353 Clamp, Hose

X1 100763 2. Hot Water Valve

X1 K111171 Intake O-Ring Kit (O-rings and intake manifold gaskets)


X2 102146  23. O Ring Seal (engine coolant y pipe to cylinder block upper)

X6 102168  23. O Ring Seal (Intake manifold to cylinder head) 

X2 102283  53. O Ring Seal (W pipe to throttle body)

X1 102284  52. Intake Manifold Gasket (PAIR)

X1 SP102279 49. W pipe blanking plate gasket 

X1 102382  9. O Ring Seal (Cold start tube to intake manifold)

x1 102381  8. Sealing washer copper (Cold start tube bolt sealing washer)

X4 101048  33. Washer M7 (intake manifold to cylinder head bolt washer)

X4 102191   47. Intake manifold bolt (NOTE- thread lubricant required when installing for proper torque/to prevent binding)


Approximate Install time depending on working conditions is 12-16 hours. This job is best completed on a lift. 

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    Great Product

    Posted by Christian on 9th Jun 2021

    This is a great product. It took me a while to figure out what some of the parts were for, i.e. the updated heater hose bypass under the intake manifold. Everything fit well and looks great. I would strongly recommend getting the aluminum water pipe kit also, K118666 auto trans or K118667 man trans. Would have attached pictures of the install, but I don't see that option here. Again complete kit, fits well. Will buy again if more Delorians come to the shop.

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