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DeLorean Industries GM LS4 install system (factory un1 transmission used). Designed for owners looking for the most affordable way possible to keep a DeLorean on the road. Note this swap configuration severally decreases the value of the car.

NOTE: per our extensive dyno testing of the UN1 transaxle, maximum power output is recommended not to exceed 338 WHP with input shaft coupler upgrades. 


Adapter plate system (with all mounting hardware)

Flywheel (with all mounting hardware)

Stainless motor mounts and adapter plates, 

Stainless transmission mounts 

Crankshaft sensor system  (with mounting hardware) 

Starter motor (aftermarket) 

Left and Right header assembly with high flow down pipes (Manufactured by Stainless Works under our proprietary agreement)


NOTE: additional items available per request (Not included): 

VSS sensor system - available for stock axle shafts and our SPEC uprated axle package

Billet belt tensioner and idler system (complete accessory belt integration within the engine compartment) 

Air conditioning install system 

Engine management system ( complete Holley stand alone system ) 

Billet MAF housing and air filter pontoon relocation system 


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