Build Car Assembly Technician

Build Car Assembly Technician

Job Description

DeLorean Industries is looking for a Build Car Assembly Technician to work in a team environment becoming proficient in all aspects of DeLorean innovation and restoration. Problem solving the unique challenges associated with a hand crafted car restoration/ innovation. Help identify improvements to the assembly process through constructive analysis of a documented process. Meet completion date deadlines. Monitor self improvement audit reports. Accomplish hourly, daily and monthly goals. Perform repairs and/or fabrication of components as required.

Role and Responsibilities

• Assemble specified components in specific assembly stations

• Verify fit and finish of vehicle component sub-assemblies

• Validate function and safety of vehicles through extensive documentation of torque specifications and

build procedures outlined in company build process

• Diagnose and repair vehicle during shakedown process

Job Requirements

• High school diploma or equivalent

• Valid US drivers license

• 1 – 2 years relevant work experience

• Basic equipment industry training

• Previous mechanical experience in the automotive industry or related field

• Positive attitude

• Excellent verbal communication

• Professional clean appearance

• Able to prioritize multiple tasks and work in a fast-paced environment

• An ability to function well as part of a team Physical and Environmental Requirements

• Activities requiring handling and grasping with the hands when performing repairs or maintenance of equipment by utilizing hand tools, power tools, air tools, nuts, bolts, electronic controls, and other small parts

• Occasional use of foot/feet to operate foot pedal on equipment to test operation

• Frequent lifting up to 25 lbs., occasional lifting up to 50 lbs., and infrequent lifting up to 75 lbs.

• Ability to walk and stand on concrete and uneven surfaces for at least 12 hours per day

• Ability to bend, kneel and work with arms raised for prolonged periods of time

• Ability to climb over and into equipment several times per day

• Exposure to bright lights, extreme temperatures, loud noise, dust, gas, and/or fumes where PPE is required. Display knowledge and willingness to read the situation requirements to maintain not only personal safety but that of the workplace team. Environment deployment of proper safety counter measures.