55.1 Master Intake System Sealing Kit

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Delorean Industries intake o-ring kit Manufactured from premium modern materials. Featuring our premium garloc gasket offering. 


What's in the Box:

Base Premium Intake O ring System:

X2 102146  23. O Ring Seal (engine coolant y pipe to cylinder block upper)

X6 102168  23. O Ring Seal (Intake manifold to cylinder head) 

X2 102283  53. O Ring Seal (W pipe to throttle body)

X1 102284  52. Intake Manifold Gasket (PAIR)

X1 SP102279 49. W pipe blanking plate gasket 

X1 102382  9. O Ring Seal (Cold start tube to intake manifold)

x1 102381  8. Sealing washer copper (Cold start tube bolt sealing washer)

X4 101048  33. Washer M7 (intake manifold to cylinder head bolt washer)

X4 102191   47. Intake manifold bolt (NOTE- thread lubricant required when installing for proper torque/to prevent binding)

Additional items 

X1 141102489 2. Gasket Mix Conn 

X1 141102294 7. Seal Pipe of Agony (Updated) 

X1 102855 23. O Ring Fuel Distributor 

X1 141102772 11. Throttle Body to Air Metering Housing Spacer 

X1 220102631 11. Integrated Injector Seal Retainer System 

X1 Vaclinecomboost Vacuum Line Kit Complete Silicone W/ Brake Booster Lines 

X1 102373 4. O ring Seal Cold Start Valve 

X1 101059-1 3. Mixture Control Unit O ring 

X3 102393 16. O ring


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